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Permanent Eyelash Makeup


What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is an eyeliner tattoo technique where an artist carefully and methodically places pigments to improve the shape of your eyes, make them look brighter and more awake. This technique is amazing for clients with poor eyesight, shaky hands, those who do not know how to apply, and seasonal or cosmetic allergy suffers. I, as an allergy sufferer am a religious eyeliner tattoo enthusiast. I love how it never smudges, makes my eyes look more open and diminishes the appearance of being tired.


  • Waking up with Eyeliner

  • Save time in your daily routine.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities without worry go swimming, hiking, workout.

  • Freedom from applying makeup.

  • Smudge proofs your eyeliner

  • Great for those with makeup allergies.

  • Helps those who have difficulty applying makeup (unsteady hands, poor eyesight or unskilled)

  • Boosts your confidence. 

  • Can make your eyes appear larger.

  • Brightens tired looking eyes. 

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