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Permanent makeup

Permanent Lip Color 


Permanent Lip color is a tattoo technique that allows us to implant pigment to help you regain your lip definition, return your lip to its colorful youth, improve the lip shape or give you that natural pop of color you need. Benefits of lip color tattoo is no smudging and a simple gloss or Chapstick is all you need to look your best.


  • Smudge Proof & Kiss Proof

  • Waking up with Lip Color

  • Save time in your daily routine.

  • Freedom from applying makeup.

  • Boosts your confidence. 

  • Restore your natural lip definition and color that fades with age.

  • Helps those who have difficulty applying makeup (unsteady hands, poor eyesight or unskilled)

  • Great for those with makeup allergie.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities without worry go swimming, hiking, workout.

  • Fuller Lips

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